Garden City Pond

The Garden City Pond is nice little spot to go fishing. It is located at 579 Buttercup Blvd, Garden City, Utah. They often stock this pond with some large sized fish. If you want your kids to get out and experience fishing this would be the spot I recommend, unless of course you want to be out on the lake. While being there I was able to catch a fish from the shore with just my net! Now that may have been some very good luck but I’ll take what I can get. This spot is also great because there is a little park for kids to play at. You cannot miss it, the biggest flag in town is also located here. God bless America!

The fish I caught from the shore


A few months back we stayed in a rental home in Arizona for spring training. The house had a putting green and provided hours of fun. Thinking of an outdoor space at the cabin for every one to enjoy was simple. We aren’t big golfers ourselves, but our 1 year old up to 80 year old grandma enjoyed the time we had on it.
We were able to be at the cabin while they installed the putting green and even though it was a stressful process it sure makes for a great time outside. Later on we got creative and turned it into a game of mini golf. The best shot was from up on the deck, start all the way at the driveway and hit for the first hole. Try it out next time you’re there, trust me you’ll be addicted.

Be sure to share with us what your most creative shot is. After all, this is the best green in town!

Winter Wonderland

Before purchasing this cabin I never thought of Bear Lake as anything but a summer destination. Wow, was I wrong. What could be better than being nestled up on the mountain side with views from every angle. Right outside were kids sledding down the hills and snowmobiles zooming along the trails. Though it is mighty cold we still couldn’t help but enjoy ourselves. Winter at Bear Lake is definitely something to consider.

View of the marina.
Winter sunrise

Paved Road

Being in an HOA there are many different advantages. When we first bought this cabin we had high hopes of the road being paved. Our luck was on our side and it happened! Make sure to bring your walking shoes, bikes, strollers, scooters and anything you can imagine to enjoy the smooth pavement that leads right to the cabin.

Smooth road home.



Falling for you

I can’t believe how beautiful each season is up here. Getting to experience it all has been breathtaking. We were able to visit in the fall which definitely showed its colors. Taking the trail right by our cabin brought us to all the pretty color changes Bear Lake has to offer. Nature truly shines at this destination and makes for another reason to visit all year round. The view off the back deck is always changing and has made me fall more and more in love with this place.

This view never gets old.
Driving through the trees.
All the different colors.
Trees in town starting to change colors.


We all went up to the cabin for Labor day weekend adding final touches and preparing it for the season. While on our stay we had a lot of visitors just outside our door. With the mountain side setting the wildlife is incredible! Here are a few pictures of animals we happened to see in a 3 day stay period and right from the house.

Falcon out on the deck.
Deer in the backyard.
Moose in the driveway.

Click here to watch two moose wandering around.